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Maggie & Richard Mares


“El Paseo is the place to shop,” says Richard Mares of why he brought his upscale men’s boutique to the “Rodeo Drive of the Desert”. Mares says that knowing what is right for his customers is an innate skill (“It cannot be learned,” he says) and one that’s made him — along with his wife and business partner, Maggie — a success in this business. He entered the industry in his early 20s, and, always with the dream of owning his own store, cut his teeth for decades in the department store sector. In addition to Mares’ personal styling services, shoppers can find such exclusive brands as St. Croix, Au Noir, Paige Jeans for Men, and Georg Roth.

What wardrobe staples should every man have in his armoire? 

A sport coat or blazer, gray slacks, and a pair of jeans.

What are the keys to a well-fitted suit? 

It should drape properly over the shoulders and chest, and the sleeves should be the correct length. It should look effortlessly sophisticated, like it belongs on you.

What does it mean for a man to have “style”? 

He must feel good about himself and feel comfortable in whatever he is wearing. Dressing is about one’s frame of mind.

Why is it important for a man to dress well in modern times? 

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. This will always be true. We are judged by how we present ourselves, and dressing well shows confidence. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, but having someone knowledgeable to help you buy correctly, and learn to mix and match, is very important.

        — Ashley Breeding

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